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Executive director

Roni leads Squashinhos with passion and dedication. Overseeing daily operations and strategic initiatives, Roni ensures we meet our educational and athletic goals. Committed to transforming lives through squash and education.

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Anna-rose lee

Squash director

Anna-Rose is our Squash Director, dedicated to developing athletic talent and fostering a love for squash. Overseeing all squash-related activities, Anna-Rose ensures high-quality coaching, organizes competitions, and mentors our students.

Antonio Rodrigues 

Squash coach 

Antonio is a former student at Squashinhos and is now a coach. Leading training sessions and providing personalized coaching, Antonio helps students improve their skills and confidence.

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Alcides dos Santos

Squash coach 

Alcides, our Squash Coach with a degree in Physical Education, is dedicated to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for squash. Combining expertise in fitness and sports, Alcides leads training sessions and offers personalized coaching to help students

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